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Our Philosophy:   "Our Prime Interest is YOU!"

This company was founded on 35 years of experience in the mortgage lending industry.
We strive to take care of and support your needs now and in the future because Our Prime Interest is YOU!
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Rich Jorgenson
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Mortgage Loan rates are much lower than what they use to be in recent years. So if you recently bought a home and currently have a higher rate than what's available now, it's time to refinance your mortgage. Stop paying too much for your mortgage. Even if your present rate is only higher by 1 percent compared to current market rate, don't risk the chance of missing out on saving thousands of dollars. By refinancing, you can reduce your rate, change the terms of your loan and ultimately reduce your monthly payments.

A Plus Financial Services provides consumers with a fast, simple, and effective way to fulfill their home financing needs. We work with thousands of pre-screened mortgage professionals that provide customized rate quotes based on information that you supply.

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